Hearing is a very important sense of the five senses, through which organisms can hear and distinguish sounds, through which they can also communicate with and connect with their sex. The disruption of the functions of this sense necessarily means that the communication function is interrupted. Categories Name Deaf, Mute. The ear is formed in the fifth month of pregnancy and begins immediately to capture external vibrations through the amniotic fluid enveloped in the uterus, such as the placenta, the stomach, and the heartbeat of the mother. Hearing is the first sensation that actually works in the human body. The concept of hearing The hearing is defined as the ability of the ear to capture the frequencies of sound waves transmitted through several physical means, such as objects, liquids, gases, or air. The hearing process is a complex process. Everything that moves is a sound. These sounds consist of vibrations of the air particles that travel in waves to the ear, which are then transferred back to vibrations to the inner ear, then to the auditory nerve, and then to the part responsible for it in the brain , Which in turn translates these nerve signals into what we hear from sounds. Sounds vary in frequency and intensity. Frequency is the number of sound vibrations that occur every second, measured by the unit of Hertz. The intensity is the amount of energy in the sound wave measured by the dibs. The importance of hearing The hearing is the means by which to learn pronunciation, and communicate with the outside world, if born deaf, he will be deprived of speech inevitably, because of his inability to acquire any language stock during his lifetime. Is one of the most important senses at all; because the occurrence of any problems make the person difficult to adapt to the external environment, where he suffers mental retardation, and deterioration in his perceptions, consciousness, and thinking, and therefore suffering from behavioral disorders, and physical severe. Are connected to the centers of higher thinking in the brain closely, and this made the senses move in importance, as the center of hearing in the brain is more advanced, and developed from the center of sight, and the rest of the senses. The dominant sense in the whole human body is balance, coordination of movement, regulation of vital processes, and it has a great role in controlling the nervous system and influencing its functions. Acoustic vibrations affect the body’s overall functioning, because of the inner ear connection to all its organs, such as the heart, lungs, stomach, and digestive system. Helps to maintain the human balance thanks to the special organs that respond to the movements of the head, it sends the brain information about any change in the position of the head, so that the brain in turn sends nerve signals to all muscles, to maintain the balance of the head, and the body, Sitting, or walking, as any defect in this function makes the human being unable to do the simplest movements, and make him feel the rotation and fall.

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